Scandalous Fashions for a Fraction of the price

We all love ABC's Scandal and the great fashions worn on the show and this blog will find those great fashions for a scandalously cheaper price! Open to submissions of anything people find or looks inspired by the show. This blog will mostly focus on Olivia (Kerry Washingon), sorry! I am in no way affiliated with the show, just a person who loves fashion and great buys! I am also open to requests of looks that you want me to find!

molliekatie asked: I have a request! The pink gown Mellie wore to the fundraiser dinner in the latest episode of "Scandal" - S03E12 - 'We Do Not Touch The First Ladies.' I'd love to know who the original designer is, as well as suggestions for a more affordable option. (I loved her blue dress & coordinating sweater at the beginning of the episode as well. Am I alone in coveting Mellie's style more than Liv's?!)

I’ve needed to pay more attention to this blog! So sorry for the neglect. I’ll get to work right now (though finding affordable options of gowns has always been an area that is really hard for me)

(I thought the gown was orange however. Are we thinking of the same gown?)

Sorry about the lack of posting, I’m so busy with college.

But I only have one class tomorrow and I’m going to dedicate some time to posting some finds.

Anything you are looking for in particular?

semantics-are-everything asked: Do you think you could look around for an alternative to the white dress Olivia wore to the state dinner in Hell Hath No Fury? That would be awesome.

I’ve been looking for an alternative to that dress, legit since I’ve started this blog lol. I am so upset that I can’t find one!!! A part of it is also that I try to find something that is really true to the original piece. Like yea, there are a lot of white gowns out there, but I’m really picky and I won’t put it on the blog if I don’t think it looks enough like what I am trying to find. But I will keep on looking, I promise!

soniamariesays asked: I've been looking everywhere for an alternative to the Olivia staple coat, and I love the one you guys found! However, it seems to be sold out now :( Any chance you could find another?

Hey! Yeah, I can look for another one, no problem.

In Seven Fifty-Two, Olivia wears Vince leather leggings

Which are normall $1,250 but are on sale for $701 (haha still too much)

ASOS has similar skinny leather jeggins for $118 

And if you are adverse to leather, there are much cheaper faux leather options as well.

Like this one from JC Penny for $18

White Hat’s Back On

In the ending of White Hat’s Back on Olivia is wearing this white forme jacket from Lulu Lemon

A similar jacket can be found on Amazon  for $42

And another one can be found  here  for $62

I would really love

to do a segment called ‘Olivia Pope of the Day’

And have peope submit things that are reminiscent of an Oliva outfit, or Olivia inspired.

Just looked up the brand of the long gloves that Olivia wears and I saw similar ones to the ones that she wears for $300-$400 dollars, and that just gave me the motivation to update this blog lol.

(Sorry for slacking btw)


Inside peek into Olivia Pope’s closet with #Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo!

The Designer at Work

”You sometimes do really lovely work and no one notices it, so it’s really gratifying,” says Paolo of the attention she’s gotten for creating the Scandal wardrobe.
Lyn Paolo’s keen eye for fashion and adding character to our favorite gladiators in a suit is truly remarkable. Nicely done, Lyn, nicely done!

(via scandalpace)


I came across a black and white patterned wrap dress similar to Alissa’s here for $49.99


(Photo credit to ScandalMoments)